Dental Sealants 

Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are usually applied to your back teeth (molars) in-order to prevent tooth decay. Their purpose is to completely protect the molars from food particles and plaque. The sealant is painted on, so it molds exactly to the shape of your tooth. Most people who get dental sealants are children or teenagers, as they are at a higher risk of tooth rot than adults are. However, adults can get sealants if they don’t have any cavities or signs of decay on their molars. In some cases, baby teeth can get dental sealants, as they are vital to the health and placement of adult teeth. Talk to Dr. Eley about whether or not dental sealants are necessary for you.

What is The Application Process? Sealant-Stages-Eley-Family-Dentistry

Dental sealants are easy to apply and painless. If we conclude that sealants will work for you, you will require only one visit to our office to have the sealants placed. First, we will clean your teeth completely and dry them along with the surrounding areas. Our staff will then apply a mild acid solution to your teeth to create a rough surface for the sealant to stick to. The acid solution is washed away and the teeth are dried again. Then, sealant is applied to the teeth where it will harden and protect the teeth from various debris. Lasting up to ten years, dental sealants are quite durable. It is important to get routine check ups from Eley Family Dentistry to ensure that the plastic is still performing well and your other teeth do not show signs of decay.

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