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A Dental Filling is a type of restoration in which restorative material is applied to the patient’s teeth to replace damaged or decayed tooth structure. You may be in need of a dental filling for many different reasons. Common reasons for fillings are tooth decay, fracture, and/or trauma. The goal of dental fillings is to improve the function and appearance of the tooth. At Eley Family Dentistry we use dental composite resins to restore the tooth to its natural shape and color. Unlike other filling materials, this material uses the dentin and effectively bonds to the tooth’s enamel.

Why Do You Need a Dental Filling?

Dental Fillings are a common way to repair minor oral decay, fractures and other damaged teeth. They are a great solution for improving surfaces that have been damaged. Fillings are needed if there is tooth decay. Often times, you can have tooth decay without realizing it, because a cavity won’t hurt until it is deep. Having regular x-rays and checkups will help us identify decay early, while it is small. If the cavity is deep enough that the tooth is sensitive, often times a dental filling will fix the sensitivity. Fillings will improve your chewing and biting. If you need a filling or any other dental care don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to provide you with the best oral care in Melbourne, Florida.

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What Are The Types of Dental Fillings Are Available?

There are two main types of fillings: composite (white) and amalgam.(silver). Eley Family Dentistry only uses composite resin (white) filling material with our filling applications. These resin fillings are made of quartz and glass substances giving you that real tooth feeling. Resin fillings don’t have metal so that your smile can look as natural as it once was. The resin filling is a great cosmetic option to give you the appearance that you want.

What Is the Dental Fillings Procedure Like?

Eley Family Dentistry strives to give patients a comfortable and relaxing experience. This dental procedure will typically take one visit. The dental process starts by preparing the tooth for restoration, removing any damaged or decayed tooth structure. Our staff will remove any bacteria or debris with a dental hand-piece prior to the restoration. Then the restoration begins. Our staff will isolate the tooth that is being worked on. This isolation technique is essential to prevent any disturbances with the bonding process. After the isolation is complete, bonding is then performed. Bonding requires a few adhesives along with the composite material. Then it is hardened with a light. The outcome is a functional and beautiful restoration. After the treatment is complete, our staff will educate you on maintaining the natural looking and functioning dental filling. There will be some maintenance after the procedure is complete. Such as brushing twice a day and flossing daily. It will be important to track what you eat after the operation. Any sugary drinks and foods can negatively impact the dental filling.

How Much Does Dental Filling Cost?

Dental procedure costs are dependent on various factors, however Eley Family Dentistry believes in patient-oriented care. We have different ways to finance procedures. Come in to get more information on cost for Dental Fillings.

Why Eley Family Dentistry?

We have highly skilled staff that want to improve your oral health. We perform many different cosmetic and restorative treatments to provide you with the best smile possible. At Eley Family Dentistry, you will receive the best dental care in Melbourne, Florida.

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