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An alternative to traditional fillings; inlays and onlays repair teeth that are rotting. Inlays are filling-like in that they are applied on the center of the tooth. An onlay is for more serious cases that require more than one bonding point on the tooth. Inlays and onlays can be made in gold, porcelain or resin materials to best suit your needs.

Inlays and Onlays vs. Traditional fillings

In many ways, inlays and onlays are more effective than traditional fillings. Because they aim to preserve as much of the healthy tooth as possible, inlays and onlays provide a better fit when you have minor to moderate damage that passes the gum line. Inlays and onlays are less likely to discolor over time, thus preserving their aesthetic quality. Inlays are better than traditional fillings for cavities because they are better at blocking out bacteria. Inlays and onlays can provide improved stability and strength for teeth that have been so damaged that they are structurally weakened.

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Installation procedure

Installation typically takes two visits. During the initial visit, an impression of the tooth will be taken. A dental laboratory will use the impression to create your unique inlay or onlay. Dr. Eley will also talk to you about the best material to use. Aesthetically, porcelain is the material that most closely resembles natural teeth. Whereas, resin is more durable, which is ideal for people who grind their teeth while they sleep. Even so, gold is the most durable option for both inlays and onlays. Eley Family Dentistry will also give you a temporary cap to wear over your tooth to keep it protected until the permanent inlay or onlay is created and ready for installation.

Once your inlay or onlay is ready, Dr. Eley will place it on your tooth and inspect how it fits in your mouth. He can make minor adjustments that will work better with your bite and the adjacent teeth. Once the fit is just right, he will secure it to the tooth.

To make sure that the inlay or onlay is performing correctly and is still structurally sound, make sure to see Eley Family Dentistry regularly for cleanings and an inspection of your oral health.

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