Root Canal Therapy 

Root Canal Therapy is a process used to heal infected or damaged teeth. Pulp is the soft material in the center of each tooth. The pulp consists of nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Inside the pulp there is a pulp chamber that is the hollow center in the tooth. The canals continue down through the center of the roots, into the surrounding bone. All roots have at least one canal, but some have more. A root canal can relieve pain caused by an injured, or infected tooth.

Once a tooth starts hurting, there are generally only two options for alleviating the pain: root canal or extraction. As long as the tooth is not too damaged, a root canal and crown can save a tooth that is hurting. Eley Family Dentistry is concentrated on oral care that is patient oriented. We have various options in which we can provide pain-free comfort to our patients.

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Root Canal Therapy is a one or two visit process depending on the tooth. The process begins with administration of a local anesthetic that will make you feel more comfortable during the root canal procedure. After the local anesthetic takes effect, we will put a protective shield or a rubber dam to keep the oral cavity saliva free and clean. After this step is completed, an opening is made in the top part of the tooth. In this opening a root canal file is placed to clean the canal and prepare for the final filling material. During this entire process, an antibacterial solution will be applied to cleanse the oral cavity. There may be X-rays taken throughout the procedure to to gauge the progress of the root canal procedure. Finally, a filling will be placed on the tooth.

Why Do You Need Gentle Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Therapy is important to salvage damaged, infected, or dead teeth. By saving these teeth, future oral complications can be avoided. There are several symptoms in which a root canal is necessary. Symptoms include heightened pain from chewing or biting, temperature, pain from consuming cold or hot foods, toothache, and/or pain that is so severe that it is waking you at night. Symptoms of pain from damaged teeth may increasingly get worse if not readily treated.

What are the Benefits?

Root Canal Therapy is an effective treatment for inflamed or infected teeth that can alleviate a toothache. Infected teeth can lead to other oral complications that may be detrimental to the entire mouth. By having this procedure, you can eat and drink without pain.

What is the Cost?

The cost of a root canal depends on several factors. On most occasions, insurance plans cover root canal therapy. Eley Family Dentistry will work with each patient individually to finance this procedure.

Why Choose Eley Family Dentistry?

We will work to give you the most comfortable experience possible. We have many different options in offering comfort. Eley Family Dentistry can provide nitrous oxide to help with anxiety. Eley Family Dentistry has highly qualified staff to perform this procedure, and endeavor to make every patient’s visit as easy as possible.

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